How to Get Pets in Clash of Clans: Train Your Animals

Clash of Clans recently launched Town Hall 14, introducing Hero Pets! This feature allows players to enter battle alongside their loyal companion and grant them special powers.

At launch, Town Hall 14 offers four pet types: L.A.S.S.I, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, and Unicorn. You can upgrade these creatures similarly to Heroes by purchasing either a Book of Heroes to complete the upgrade process or Hammer of Heroes which instantly grants them a level.


Clash of Clans has introduced Hero Pets, which players can assign to their Heroes for battle support. When Town Hall 14 unlocks, players will gain access to a brand-new building where they can manage, upgrade, and assign Hero Pets to their Heroes.

At launch, there are four distinct Hero Pets to unlock: L.A.S.S.I., Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, and Unicorn. Each has a special ability that will aid their assigned Hero and each can be upgraded just like Heroes using either the Book of Heroes to complete an upgrade process or Hammer of Heroes to instantly grant them a level.

LASSI is the first animal unlocked from the Pet House, and it prioritizes targets within 2,5 squares of its Hero. She’s also a high jumper, meaning she can leap over Walls to attack targets on the other side!

Her hit points are comparable to those of the Yeti, and she makes a sound similar to that of a miner when attacking. With an incredible 32-speed, she will make an invaluable addition to the Clan’s defenses and ground troops.

Electro Owl is an ancient superconductive with a powerful claw attack, capable of shattering enemy defenses at a distance. When combined with the Grand Sentinel and Royal Fighter to form a hybrid attack (Hog Rider/Miners), Electro Owl can deal extra damage for added power as well as serve as either a scout or snatcher. Plus, with Magic Item upgrade to level 5 is possible!

Electro Owl

Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 update introduces Hero Pets, a brand-new type of unit. Heroes can assign these Hero Pets with special abilities that will aid them during battle.

Hero Pets can be an invaluable ally for your Heroes! Depending on the strategy you employ, Hero Pets may provide extra protection and long-ranged damage from Barbarian King; Electro Owl is the ideal Hero Pet. Similarly, if Queen Walk needs healing power-ups, Unicorn makes for a great addition to the team!

At each level of your Pet House, you can unlock new Hero Pets just as you upgrade your Heroes. You can do this by purchasing a Book of Heroes to complete an upgrade process or using a Hammer of Heroes to instantly give your Hero Pet a level!

At present, four types of Hero Pets exist L.A.S.S.I, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, and Unicorn. Each plays a distinct role in aiding your Hero and can be upgraded just like the Heroes themselves.

Electro Owl, the mysterious bird of prey, silently glides alongside your Hero and grants them extra points in coolness! In combat, this superconductive bird shoots a ranged attack that bounces once off a nearby target for added effect.

Though its face may appear less than menacing, Mighty Yak’s skull and horns are no joke. Tougher than mountains, this beast will wreak havoc on any path its Hero companion takes by dealing extra damage to Walls.

Mighty Yak

Mighty Yak is a formidable opponent, built like an army-grade siege engine. He can smash through nearby walls and fly into a fury if you accidentally drop one of his sharpened horns on someone. Therefore, it’s best to feed and water this beast regularly!

Clash of Clans players have been given access to four new pet types in the game’s Town Hall 14 update. What makes these creatures even more desirable is that they can be upgraded just like Heroes with either Book of Heroes or Hammer of Heroes, completing an upgrade process or instantly giving them a level.


Clash of Clans introduces Hero Pets, a new unit type in the game. Each Hero will have their own pet that can assist them during battles. At Town Hall 14, players can choose which pets best suit their Heroes by assigning them different abilities that will benefit their Heroes!

You can assign different pets to different Heroes to create flexible strategies based on your army composition – give the Barbarian King some extra ranged damage with Electro Owl or take Queen Walk to another level by adding in a Unicorn for healing!

Upgrade to Town Hall 14 and you will unlock four types of Pets. The Pet House provides the tools to manage, upgrade, and assign them to your Heroes. Each level in the Pet House comes with its own Hero Pet with its own special ability that will aid your Heroes during battle. Just as with Book of Heroes or Hammer of Heroes upgrades for Heroes, so too can be done for Pets.

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