How to Get Pets in Black Desert Online [Helpful Guide]

Pets are loyal companions that follow your character around and scavenge corpses for you.

Pets also grant beneficial buffs that are determined by a pet’s tier and level.

Purchasing pets is a great way to level up quickly. However, some pets are more efficient than others.


In Black Desert Online, players can have adorable pets that provide helpful perks and stat bonuses to expedite the grind. Furthermore, pets also possess useful skills which can be put to use in combat or other tasks.

Breeding is an integral part of progressing in Black Desert Online and involves breeding two pets of the same species to obtain higher-tiered pets with enhanced abilities. These creatures may grant you buffs such as increased combat experience, enhanced karma restoration, more gathering xp, better luck, and faster gathering speed.

Breeding in BDO requires players to check in two pets of the same level and then press “Exchange” to begin the process. Once selected, an interface will open up where they can pick which appearance and skills their offspring should inherit.

Once breeding is complete, players can name their pets. Additionally, they have the option to inherit one of their parent’s transferable skills (buffs).

Another essential aspect of breeding in the black desert is that you must provide your pets with food before they will loot items for you. Doing this ensures your pets remain satisfied at all times and can continue to use their Special Ability to loot for you.

Additionally, pets are essential in the grinding process and should be fed regularly to maintain their stamina. Doing this allows the player to take advantage of all their abilities and enhance their grinding performance.

Pets can be an excellent way for players to hone their skill set since they provide extra experience points (EXP) and rewards. Furthermore, these pets can be purchased from the Pearl Shop with pearls and trained accordingly with these gems.

Pets are an integral part of black desert online and should be valued as a vital asset to any adventurer’s character. There are four distinct tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4. Each pet comes in an array of colors and can be found in different areas throughout the game.


BDO pets are helpful little helpers that follow your character around and pick up items dropped by monsters without you having to do a thing. Not only is having a pet handy, but they come with an additional skill bonus as well.

Pets in Black Desert Online can be earned through quests or purchased from the Pearl Shop with Silver. Each character is given three pets and one mount that level independently of one another.

Combining pets in the game allows you to create new, stronger versions of each pet. These hybrids will have their skills and appearance changed while still retaining some characteristics from their original forms.

These pets tend to be formidable opponents, capable of taking down large groups of monsters. Not only that, but they provide you with extra experience points (EXP) and can even be tamed for combat assistance if needed.

Once you have a pet, it is essential to continue feeding it so that it can continue to loot for you. When your pet reaches 0% hunger, they will no longer provide Talents and Skills but instead stop using their special ability.

In the game, there are various kinds of pet food to choose from: cheap feed, good feed, and balanced feed.

Generally, it’s wise to buy the highest quality pet food you can afford and use it for all of your pets. Doing this will help maintain their energy levels and ensure they remain healthy.

When in need of a quick meal, fresh meat and fish can be used. However, if you have time, cooking your meal from scratch is recommended for optimal flavor and convenience.

Black Desert Online offers you the ability to craft delicious foods for your pets. There are various meals you can cook, featuring an array of herbs and vegetables.

When cooking certain dishes, you may want to incorporate animal fats like those found in meat, fish or chicken. Additionally, adding some sugar for extra flavor is always a good idea!


Black Desert Online is a living-world MMORPG featuring fast-paced action, massive bosses, and monsters to hunt, as well as plenty of opportunities for life skills training like fishing, trading, crafting, or cooking. Join your friends in guilds to siege nodes or region castles with friends; engage in player vs player events; or simply explore the world like any normal person would.

Pets in the Black Desert can be obtained online through breeding or purchasing 2,000 White Pearls. Pets are essential to the game as they assist you with auto-looting while grinding – each pet has its own special ability and passive bonus. Pets give you the chance to acquire rare items, enabling you to upgrade your gear faster than without them. There are various kinds of pets and they can help boost health, armor, and stamina as well as increase skill level. Players in Black Desert can exchange pets online to upgrade them if they have two pets of the same type and tier that they want to combine. This is especially helpful for players looking to improve their Life Skills or those who have a favorite pet.


Pets are an integral part of Black Desert Online and can assist with a variety of tasks, such as giving buffs or looting items for you. To get a pet in BDO, first, spend some time at the pearls shop (in-game cash shop) to purchase a token for it. After receiving it, right-click it to register it and add it to your inventory.

You can exchange pets to get a new one with more features and abilities. This involves transferring pets of different species together to create hybrids with enhanced abilities and faster loot pickup. Simply place both pets you wish to exchange in your inventory, then click on the exchange button.

Finally, if you’re searching to sell or trade your black desert pet, pet classifieds is the perfect place to try. This site is free and provides a range of options for those interested in selling or trading pets such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and rodents – making it an excellent way to find something that meets both your needs and budget.

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