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How to Keep Pets Cool in Hot Weather [Solution Guide]

Though many of us enjoy summer walks with our furry companions, the hot temperatures can be dangerous for pets. Particularly those with double coats that lose their inner layer of insulating fur during the heat wave.

Dogs and cats both expel heat through panting. However, on hot days this ability may not be as strong for some breeds such as Pugs or Persian cats that have flat faces that cannot pant effectively. Be especially mindful of these creatures in warm climates.

Cooling mats

Dogs can get extremely hot during summertime, so it is essential to keep them cool. One of the best ways to do this is with cooling mats.

These are ideal for pets that tend to get too hot in warm weather and can be used indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, they’re easy to clean and come in different sizes to fit most crates.

Dog cooling mats come in two main varieties: water-filled and gel. Water-filled models work by absorbing your dog’s body heat and freezing it, while gel models utilize gel technology for extra cooling power.

The ideal cooling mats are pressure-activated and don’t need refrigeration or electricity to function. When your pet lies down on them, these absorbent mats begin to cool their body temperature rapidly.

These gel-filled pads may be more costly than water-filled options, but they last a long time (3-5 years on average) and provide superior cooling for your pup. Plus, they’re pressure activated and recharge automatically so there’s no need for much effort when using them. Plus, these lightweight pads make traveling with your dog much easier since they won’t weigh down the bag during transit.

Wet towels

One of the simplest ways to cool your dog off is with a wet towel. Evaporative cooling works by moving water away from their body, which helps cool down their skin.

A wet towel can be placed on your dog’s neck, armpits or between his hind legs for massaging their ears and paw pads. Alternatively, you could use a spray bottle to lightly mist them with cold water.

Wet towels can be purchased at most stores and are an effective way to keep your dog cool on hot days. However, it’s essential that these towels not be left on your dog for extended periods of time.

Avoid applying wet towels on your dog’s face or behind their ears, as this can lead to an allergic reaction that will make them even hotter.

Many high-end restaurants and hotels provide guests with wet towels as a gesture of welcome, to guarantee their customers have an enjoyable experience during their stay.

Cooling collars and vests

Cooling collars and vests are an effective way to keep your pup safe and comfortable when the temperature rises outside. Not only are they user-friendly, but they require minimal time or effort from you as well.

Cooling collars and vests for dogs come with their own features, such as filled with ice or using evaporative cooling to keep your pup cool.

Some of the more expensive options feature advanced materials and technology designed to speed up and enhance evaporation. They also have conductive layers which absorb energy to rapidly evaporate water.

They may not be ideal for long hikes and walks, as it takes too long for them to cool off sufficiently; however, they can help your pup remain comfortable on shorter excursions.

Cooling collars and vests for dogs must fit securely, without interfering with normal movements of your pup. Furthermore, they should be comfortable to remove and easy for your dog to tolerate.

Cooling collars and vests work by absorbing excess body heat from your dog, making them ideal for dogs who struggle to breathe or pant excessively during hot weather.

Freezer treats

Ice-cream, popsicles and frozen fruit are all great ways to keep your pup cool in the summertime.

Make a tasty, easy-to-make frozen treat for your pup by mixing equal parts plain yogurt with their favorite flavoring (such as peanut butter or honey). Avoid adding sweeteners like xylitol since these can cause serious problems in dogs.

Make frozen treats from fresh fruits and vegetables like carrot, kale, banana, or blueberry for extra fun. Try making the treats in a paw print or bone-shaped mold for even more enjoyment!

These delicious treats require only a few ingredients and are easy to make! All you’ll need is a blender and silicone molds!

You can also make a “brothsicle” by filling a hollow rubber toy with low sodium chicken or beef broth and freezing it. This toy will provide your pup with mental stimulation as well as the chance to cool off at the same time.

These treats are a healthy alternative to ice cream and can help your dog beat the summer heat. Just remember to supervise them when they’re licking them since it could get messy!

Freezer toys

Freezer toys are an excellent way to keep your pet cool during hot weather. Additionally, they can help soothe teething pups and provide them with a chewing outlet.


If you’re searching for an easy way to help your pet cool off, misting can be a great choice. Not only is it cost-effective and effortless, but providing them with essential moisture they won’t find in their natural environments is another bonus!

Misting not only provides your pet with water, but it’s also beneficial for plants. It replicates the humid conditions they would experience in nature – especially beneficial to tropical plants!

Furthermore, it helps keep them free from dust and other impurities that could hinder their ability to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis, keeping them healthier for longer.

When selecting misting for animals, be sure to select a product made specifically for this purpose. You can find many options online, including automatic misters that will adjust according to the temperature as required.

Misting systems are great for keeping your pet cool when the temperature outside so they stay comfortable. Plus, it helps lower the temperature of your patio so both you and your guests don’t have to endure uncomfortable discomfort.


Water is essential for human and pet health. That is why it’s so essential that your pup always has access to clean, fresh drinking water.

A reliable water filter can ensure your pet’s wellbeing and health by helping remove impurities such as chlorine from their drinking water. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of harmful bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants which could be present.

Another way to keep your pets cool is by providing them with access to a shady spot in the yard or an enclosed area. Shade can help prevent them from overheating on hot days by providing some relief.

Additionally, offering your pet a drink of cold water can help cool them off from the inside out and may prevent heatstroke.

If your pet has already become overheated, the first step should be to cover them with a wet towel. This will help lower their body temperature more rapidly than ice cubes or cold water can do.


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