How To Heal Battle Pets [Comprehensive Guide]

How to Heal Battle Pets: If your pet is low on health or dead, there are several ways to heal it. The Revive Battle Pets spell, Stable Master healing, and Battle Pet Bandage can all be effective ways for helping your furry friend fight on.

Once a battle begins, you will select two pets for your team to use. Each pet has an array of attacks, abilities, and stances available to choose from.

How to Heal Battle Pets

Stable Master

At level 15, players can unlock the Stablemaster feat, granting them access to building a stable in any town or city. This makes an ideal storage solution for pets as they won’t require bonding and will remain safe in your hometown.

At present, an NPC stable can hold a maximum of two pets. With each expansion pack, this number increases by one. A token from the Ultima Store costs 500 sovereigns and increases a character’s capacity by three slots, allowing them to keep up to 42 pets in their care.

In addition to storing pets, you can mount them and use them as weapons with an animal companion weapon. These come in many forms such as dragons, wolves, rabbits, and owls; each taking up one hand with a small damage buff that allows them to attack and deal some damage themselves.

Battle Pet Bandage

Healing battle pets requires the use of the Veterinary skill, which has an added bonus with Animal Lore which allows for purging poisons and healing abilities – both are invaluable in combat.

Another option is to apply a bandage on your character, which can be placed up to two tiles away from your pet, and heal them according to your skill level (Animal Lore adds an extra bonus).

A common issue is that even with bandages, some monsters can still cast teleport spells that send pets running toward their attackers. This could prove particularly hazardous when dealing with Paragon creatures who tend to retarget everything they see; you might not get a chance to use a bandage in time.

Another frequent issue is that some monsters, particularly those raised from the Necromancer’s Animate Dead spell, will ignore you and attack anything close to them. In some cases, you can try to switch targets with your pet but this usually takes an incredibly long time.

In most cases, the best solution is to enlist the assistance of a friend who can cast self-heals or other spells while applying bandages on your pet. Alternatively, you could set up a macro that automatically heals pets when a Stable Master window is open.

You can revive a pet that has died in PvP by speaking to NPC Doctor Danny Brown, although this service is expensive and takes some time at higher levels.

To boost your pet’s loyalty, you can give it a “heart” that increases over time. However, remember that this percentage will reset once the animal is taken from your service or dies, so make sure you use up this reward quickly! There are a few pet skills that can assist you in battle, some more useful than others. These include:

Healing Items

Healing is an integral component of the game; it allows players to regain their health after the battle and revive lost pets. There are numerous ways to heal your character or pet – many of which are free!

Healing with potions is a popular option. They come in various strengths and can restore certain amounts of HP. You can make these potions using ingredients from your item pouch or get them from the Hospital.

You can also utilize items to heal your Neopets, such as the Battle Giftbox and Health Tonics. These may be utilized inside or outside of the Battle Arena but should ideally be applied at the conclusion of a fight.

Another way to boost health is with a Bubble Pit. This will grant your pet an invisible bubble of HP which they can take back into the Battle Arena, aiding them in recovering from losses and being ready for attack again.

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Some Neopets can even heal themselves using spells or items. This is especially useful if your pet is injured and unable to move around.

Spells that can be used to heal a pet include Guiding Light, Brilliant Light, and Sanctuary. All of these spells can be cast on your Neopets to aid their healing process quickly and efficiently.

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