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How to Play the New Super Auto Pets Pack

This enjoyable free-to-play auto battler allows you to assemble a team of cute pets with unique abilities. Additionally, there’s Play Date mode where friends can exchange pets using DS Wireless Communications. Get ready to learn how to master the new super auto pets pack and win over all your opponents’ hearts!

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Super Auto Petz offers players the unique ability to raise and care for pets from different breeds of dogs, cats, horses and monkeys – creating a fun family of adorable creatures while exploring crossbreeding options to create something truly unique.

Watch your furry friend grow through different stages of development as it unlocks more features as you play along! Plus with Play Date mode you can exchange pets with friends using Nintendo DS Wireless Communications so everyone can enjoy sharing and caring for their own fur babies together! Super Auto Pets makes for an excellent game for families to share together!


Super Auto Pets is an addictive and engaging auto battler that offers a unique gameplay experience for both casual and competitive players. The game features adorable pets with distinct abilities that can be combined and strategized to create powerful teams. With its user-friendly interface and a vast range of pets to choose from, players can quickly immerse themselves in the game.

The core gameplay of Super Auto Pets is simple: players assemble a team of pets and send them to battle against their opponents. The pets’ stats and abilities will determine the outcome of the battle, and the player with the strongest team will emerge victorious. Each pet has its own strengths and weaknesses, making it crucial to carefully choose and arrange them to create effective synergies.

The game offers various packs of pets that players can purchase to expand their collection. These packs contain a set of unique pets that can be added to the player’s arsenal, allowing for greater diversity in team building. Additionally, expansions introduce new pets and abilities, further increasing the game’s replayability.

One of the most popular pets in the game is the Badger, which can be equipped with Honey to become an incredibly potent unit. When hurt, the Badger can quickly dispatch enemies with its powerful attack. Furthermore, its scaling ability makes it one of the most powerful units in the game as it can scale well at the end of each turn – a unique ability that few other pets possess.


The new super auto pets pack offers players a selection of rewards. There are standard packs with fair competition and the chance to win XP boosts and other valuable items, as well as weekly packs containing random pets. Many pets in this bundle have unique abilities so players can create thrilling combos.

For instance, peacocks can be equipped with honey which grants them an +2/+4 attack buff when damaged; camels with whales have +4 health and an additional boost when injured; crowns grant head-start access to the game for seven days prior to launch!


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