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How to Level Pets in World of Warcraft [Master Pet Battles]

Leveling pets is an excellent way for your animal to gain experience and boost its stats. But it’s essential that you understand how to level pets correctly.

Levelling up your pets is the best way to gain experience by facing off against NPC pet tamers (marked with green paws on the map). Battling these tamers will give your animals more training experience than battling wild pets.


Pets are an excellent way to level in World of Warcraft. Not only do they provide unique pets, but the potential for some great rewards as well. Plus, you don’t need to spend all your time grinding mobs for it to be fun!

Leveling pets involves battling wild pets, completing pet battle quests or finding pet tamer NPCs and catching items. Some methods require some skill and can be tedious, while others offer high rewards with ease of completion.

The most straightforward and most popular method is completing quests. Quests provide a lot of experience, meaning your pet’s level can be increased quickly. Unfortunately, they require quite a bit of work to finish; fortunately there are some tricks for making them simpler to complete.

One of the most efficient strategies is to utilize a pet that has multiple abilities that you can switch between during combat. This will help you win the fight and earn experience points (XP). For instance, if you’re up against an agile flier, then Devour from your cat might be your best bet; it makes any critter target sleep so they cannot do damage and will heal itself after death.

Another tip is to utilize pets with debuffs. These creatures can reduce enemy health and damage, so you can use them to pull mobs out of range of other players while you focus on your main team.


Pets come in a range of breeds. These traits determine your pet’s primary stats, such as Health, Power and Speed. A quality breed can be an important factor when levelling up your pet or fighting tamers.

In addition to breed, a pet’s base stats play an important role in its performance. A rare quality (blue) pet will typically possess more health and power than one with common stats (red).

Another crucial element in a battle pet’s performance is speed. Abilities like Dodge, Tail Sweep and Alpha Strike give your pet an advantage over its enemy by being faster.

However, some abilities can ignore speed or reduce it by a specific percentage. For instance, Deflection and Surge can ignore your pet’s speed but cause additional damage if your enemy’s speed exceeds that of yours.

Typically, it is best to capture a pet with an impressive base stat and then add several specialized breeds in order to enhance those numbers. Furthermore, keep in mind that the amount of breed points your pet will receive depends on its breed ID.

Many websites and pet battle resources use a two-letter system to identify each breed ID. H/H stands for double Health or 2/2/0, while P/B stands for Power in combination with Balance or 9.3/.4/.4.


Leveling pets is an excellent way to gain experience for your character. The process is easy; just head to any old zone that matches your pet’s level and begin training it. After that, you can move onto the next zone and continue training your pup even more effectively.

Once your pet reaches level 25, upgrading it becomes much simpler as you can use the Battle Training Stone on it. This method is reliable and secure, though you will need a garrison in order to build one.

You can do some grinding by fighting wild critters in zones matching your pets’ levels. Unfortunately, this method takes more time since you need to move from zone to zone and it may not always be the most enjoyable endeavor.

Leveling up your pets faster and more enjoyable with the help of a pet tamer. Ashlei is the premier tamer in the game, offering daily quests that reward you with valuable experience points.

When using the Tamer’s Dailies, it is wise to do them in groups so you can benefit from the buffs associated with each fight. Doing this will earn you a lot of XP and save you some time in the process.

Additionally, this method will aid in developing your pet’s combat abilities. As many abilities are determined by a pet’s level, it is beneficial to try and level them up quickly.

Be sure to level up your pets in the correct order, as some abilities only become active once they reach their highest level. For instance, a Crab with health-copying ability will only take effect when that pet reaches its highest level.


Combat pets come in three varieties, each with its own skill tree. Each pet has an autoattack, defensive skill and third ability that can be used against opponents. Each of these abilities scales with level and can be utilized at any point during battle.

To avoid level penalties, you should make the most of your battle pets in your party. The harder a fight, the more experience your pet will gain–either from higher quality pets or from the length/level of the battle.

If you are using a combat pet, make sure it has enough health to last several turns between fighting opponents. Doing this will save time and enable more efficient use of your combat pets.

It is essential to remember that combat pets heal a small portion of their own health each turn. This can help you remain at an advantageous level without having to engage too many enemies or risk losing your team.

Once you’ve chosen which combat pets to use, it’s wise to invest in a few of them so they can level quickly. Doing this ensures you have an ample selection of pets when starting out in the game and gives you insight into which spawn frequently.

However, it’s essential to remember that the spawn rates of each combat pet vary. Therefore, having several in your party at all times will guarantee you always have a reliable selection of leveling pets available. On a tight budget, considering purchasing some rarer tiers in the initial pool might increase your chances of rolling duplicates later on.

Furthermore, being aware of your current pets’ skill trees and using them to level other combat pets that you can transfer is beneficial. This is especially useful when switching between teams with multiple pet teams.


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