How to Get Pets in Genshin Impact: Obtain and Utilize Animal Buddies

Genshin Impact players have several pet options to choose from. Mini Seelie can be acquired during the Lost Riches event.

Another option is to acquire battle companions who can assist in collecting loot such as flowers and fruits. This feature comes in handy during events where players may receive an abundance of loot at once.

Omni-Ubiquity Net

Genshin Impact will soon give players access to a new World Quest called Omni-Ubiquity Net. This gadget enables you to capture animals and recreate their forms in your Serenitea Pot, allowing for use as pets within the game. However, Wakmuarasaki’s modifications of this net still need improvement as some creatures cannot be recreated using it.

As part of this event, you’ll be sent on a mission to locate missing animals. Along the way, you must avoid shadow clones patrolling around where the animals are kept. These clones may attempt to attack you so it’s essential that you maintain your distance and take precautions against getting attacked by them.

Once you complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded with an animal companion for your Serenitea Pot and the Omni-Ubiquity Network – a World Quest item exclusive to Serenitea Pot! This net allows you to capture small animals and recreate their forms as pets for your pot.

It’s worth noting that the Omni-Ubiquity Net can also re-create certain animal forms to exchange for points in the teapot spirit game. Unfortunately, this process isn’t perfect and some creatures cannot be recreated and will only appear with a “net” symbol in the Archive.

In addition to Omni-Ubiquity Net, Genshin Impact is adding two special limited events to their game. One features five-star geo claymore user Arataki Itto and another is Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog.

Mini Seelie

Mini Seelie is an in-game tool that enables players to transform any monster into the cutest companion. Currently, three styles are available – blue, pink, and orange. Utilizing this mini pet will surely enhance your enjoyment of Genshin Impact to new heights!

MiHoYo offers players plenty of fun and games, such as the Mini Seelie. However, what really stands out is an upcoming event in the Inazuma region where they can assist Seelie on her quest toward the stars by tracking down an Iron Coin hidden there. Unlike previous versions where players were limited to one per day, Inazuma will reward them with two in one day and one per week while showcasing some cutting-edge gaming technology.

The most intriguing part of this event is that it’s free to play – if you can get past those doubters. All you need is a smartphone to unlock the massive prize and it only takes 30 seconds! For Genshin Impact fans, this will definitely be something worth checking out soon!

Battle Companions

Genshin Impact is an intriguing title in many ways. It draws heavily from beloved games such as Zelda, Breath of the Wild, and The Legend of Zelda but thoughtfully makes those inspirations its own. Plus, this free-to-play title doesn’t shamelessly push its obvious monetization systems on you at every turn.

Genshin Impact doesn’t nag you to spend money to play the game, which can be beneficial. Instead of relying solely on its ever-present gacha system to sell into its world, it offers compelling character interactions and otherworldly elements that really make you feel part of something bigger.

Genshin Impact offers a selection of battle companions which can be earned through collecting materials and character EXP. These range from simple replicas of creatures found in the game to ones that evolve over time. If you need an additional ally that deals damage and avoids enemy detection, Genshin Impact has something for everyone!

Genshin Impact features Taroumaru, the Shiba Inu dog that owns and operates Komore Teahouse in Inazuma. His backstory is intriguing – it seems he served in Inazuma’s mysterious ninja organization, Shuumatsuban.

K1ttyAl3x, the owner of this unique pet, repurposed Genshin Impact’s canine to fit into his favorite social simulator The Sims 4. He used The Sims’ tools and cosmetics to recreate Taroumaru as a dog that can befriend players and travel with them across The Sims 4’s open world.

Character Ascension

Character Ascension is a unique passive talent that enhances certain traits. It’s an excellent way to level up your characters and make them more powerful in-game.

Gain access to Ascension Chests that appear at the end of each stage. These chests contain 3 Ascensions divided into categories for each character – like elemental damage or dual-wielding for The Crown Prince and defense and explosive grenades for Ao Bao.

Your choice of Ascension will boost their stats and give them additional advantages. For instance, The Crown Prince’s Ascensions can increase elemental damage resistance and stasis resistance, while Ao Bao’s improves weapon damage, dual-wielding (his special ability), and defense.

Ascensions come in three levels, so it’s wise to pick the highest one available. The higher your level, the more benefits will be unlocked for you.

Genshin Impact’s Ascension system has been active for some time now and it serves to level up characters while earning Ascension materials that can be used to hone your characters’ skills and abilities.

Genshin Impact offers many ways to acquire Ascension materials, such as looting monsters and items, completing Quests and Events, and collecting rewards from Rank Up and Event events. These materials are essential for character progression since they allow you to upgrade Talents, strengthen characters, and enhance weapons and artifact sets.

To discover more about Ascensions and their advantages, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on Ascension.

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