How to Get Different Pets in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an action-packed online game that features a wide range of pets to accompany players on their adventures. From cute and cuddly creatures to fierce beasts and dragons, these pets can provide players with various bonuses and abilities, making them a valuable asset in battles.

However, obtaining different pets in Lost Ark can be a challenge, as some are rare and require specific conditions or quests to obtain. In this guide, we will explore the different methods and tips for getting different pets in Lost Ark, so that players can build a formidable pet collection and take on even the toughest enemies.

1. Go To The Pet Ranch

Pets are an integral part of Lost Ark, helping players level up and earn some valuable loot while giving different stat boosts. But with the upcoming August update Under the Arkesian Sun, pets will become even more vital by enabling owners to upgrade their pets from Rare to Legendary through the new Pet Ranch feature in Stronghold.

The Pet Ranch is a new area within the Stronghold where your pets can work hard and earn rewards with Jam Cookies. But they won’t want to stay at the Cookie Workshop all day long, so they’ll need some breaks to regain their motivation.

Thankfully, the Pet Ranch has four NPCs who will gladly assist you with placing your pets in either the Ranch or Cookie Workshop and even retraining them as needed. These include Totocookie, who exchanges Jam Cookies for other items; Dispatched Chromarong who places pets in the Cookie Workshop; Minky who protects your animals; and Working Achatemeow who manages Pet functions and teaches as needed.

At Pet Ranch, you’ll find a variety of new items like Vitameow -a vitamin that gives your Pet vitality and regenerates 10% of its Morale -Arcane Battery -a Battery Booster which produces 3 extra Jam Cookies every 10 minutes when applied; and Pet Customization Potion -which allows Legendary Pets to alter their appearance as desired.

2. Go To The Farm

One of the most beloved aspects of Smilegate RPG and Amazon’s MMORPG Lost Ark is its adorable pets. There are various varieties, each with their own personality traits. If you’re searching for where to get your first pet or just need advice on handling them properly, here are a few pointers.

First and foremost, decide which kind of pet you want. There are various breeds, such as poodles, hamsters, and bunnies; each has a specific personality so be sure to read their descriptions thoroughly!

Another interesting fact about pet ownership is how much money it can cost you. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save some cash!

When choosing a pet, the type of breed is paramount; it will determine its health and other statistics as well as its lifespan. To save money on pets, choose the right breed for you.

The next step in raising a family member is deciding where they’ll reside. A good rule of thumb is to pick an area close to your base so as to minimize travel times and the chance of losing the furry friend in an overly crowded space.

3. Go To The Cave

Lost Ark is a free-to-play title from Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games that has seen incredible success since its launch in February, boasting the second-highest number of concurrent players ever on Steam and impressive viewership numbers on Twitch.

Lost Ark offers plenty of content to explore in Arkesia’s virtual world, and the latest update, “Under the Arkesian Sun,” brings with it some exciting new additions like Legendary Pets that buff your maximum HP, the Pet Ranch feature, and other surprises.

The Pet Ranch is an exciting addition to Lost Ark, and the devs recently shared more information about it in a blog post. In order to unlock this feature, you must reach Stronghold level 15 and unlock Farm, Cave, and own a pet. Afterward, Butler Adeline in the Stronghold will award you with “Yay, Pet Ranch!” as part of her quest chain.

Once you’ve finished the main storyline in Lost Ark, it’s worth exploring this feature. Not only does it allow for playing with your pet, but it also offers several unique advantages like the capacity to retrain skills and upgrade them, among other things.

One of the great features of Pet Ranch is that it’s hidden in a cave, accessible from its altar room by pressing either Q or crouching down. Once inside, you can admire your furry friend’s altar from there! What an exciting experience for all members of the family!

4. Go To The Cookie Workshop

Pets have always been an essential element of Lost Ark. Not only do they provide stat boosts and loot collection opportunities, but with the latest update Under the Arkensian Sun they can even be upgraded to Legendary Pet status with useful perks that will increase maximum HP.

The August update introduces the Pet Ranch, a Stronghold location where players can train their pets to earn Pet Expertise points and Jam Cookies. Upgrading these pets to Legendary status will grant them powerful skills as well as an extra storage slot in their Pet Inventory.

Once a Pet is upgraded to Legendary status, players can place it in the Cookie Workshop and farm Jam Cookies for items and rewards, or rest their pet in the Pet Ranch to restore its morale. A Pet with no morale won’t produce Jam Cookies and will have a lower Expertise level than one with high morale; thus, owners should keep this in mind when training their pets.

Jam Cookies can be exchanged for various items at the Pet Ranch, such as Vitameow which increases your pet’s vitality and morale by 10%. There’s also Dispatched Chromarong who will assist you with placing your Pet either in the Ranch or Cookie Workshop.

Finally, Totocookie, a vendor in the Cookie Workshop, will exchange your Jam Cookies for various items and rewards. These could include new cosmetics, card packs, and more!

In addition to the items in the Pet Ranch, there are a number of enchanted tokens that can be used to boost a Pet’s energy levels. These include Pet Growth Tokens, which increase their capacity for producing Jam Cookies; and Arcane Battery which supplies them with a charge that can be used to power up their Cookie Workshop output.

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