How to Deal with Cat Allergies (Updated Info)

How to Deal with Cat Allergies: There are many ways to deal with cat allergies. The first and most obvious way is to minimize your exposure to your cat. Keeping your cat clean will reduce the amount of Fel d-1 and saliva it produces. Air purifiers can also help reduce exposure. In addition to these … Read more

How to Bathe Your Dog Properly

How to Bathe Your Dog Properly: There are several steps you should follow when bathing your dog. The first step is to thoroughly rinse off any shampoo or other cleaning products. Not doing so can lead to hot spots, moist infected lesions, and contact dermatitis. It is important to follow the correct pet bathing steps … Read more

How to Disinfect a Dog Wound at Home

How to Disinfect a Dog Wound at Home: A wound on a dog can be cleaned and disinfected in several different ways. Some methods include using diluted hydrogen peroxide or betadine. You may also use a disinfecting wipe to ensure that the wound remains clean. Your veterinarian will provide you with wound-care soap to take … Read more